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B i o g r a p h y

I love slow music.   With my album "Belvedere" I've returned to that approach.  The music develops, but slowly, or maybe hardly at all.   You can listen closely or just live with it, breathe with it. The new album includes music for guitar, for mandolin and one track is music for gamelan.   Elsewhere you can find music I have written for orchestral instruments, guitar, gamelan and electronics.  And then there's my band Straightup Seven Hills, a story that's just beginning to unfold.  In a similar vein I've released a solo album under the name Old Cedar Bones.

Composer, Music Producer, Performer, Educator

My work as a music producer is more often with popular music in it's many guises and also with classical, and world music. I've produced studio and concert recordings with many Canadian and international artists for television, the web and radio.  The range of styles is very wide, from Noel Gallagher to Metric to Father John Misty and The Killers.  I've also had the honour of working with Quincy Jones.

In the area of classical music I produced many recordings of the CBC Radio Orchestra, one of which was nominated for a Juno Award. With that orchestra, I also produced an album of music by Gavin Bryars.

I am a guitarist with a big interest in gamelan, the bronze percussion instruments originating from Indonesia.  In 1983, I founded the Evergreen Club gamelan in Toronto.  While leading that group we commissioned many new works for gamelan amongst them works by John Cage, James Tenney and Henry Kucharzyk.

In 1999, I founded a new ensemble, Gamelan Si Pawit at Vancouver Community College which continues to perform regularly under my direction.  Curious about what a gamelan is?  Check this video.

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